We are a family run business operating since 1989.

MAKLER BLED d.o.o. is a  professional and reliable company, which settles everything in connection with an entrusted real estate.

The company was established in 1991 as a legal successor of a craft establishment, registered for counseling in real estate business. It had been in operation since 1989 and was as such one of the first of its kind in Slovenia.

Our key advantage is experience, which we have gained in decades of work in the area, and with which we are equiped in order to deal with even the most complicated cases.

In over 30 years of our work we have:

  • Successfully helped a few 1000 clients, dealing with complications in real estate market
  • Successfully finished  two large real estate projects
  • Took over the sales of larger residential neighbourhoods
  • Successfully helped with the sales of larger luxurious and hotel real estates
  • Successfully advised in real estate investments of our clients
  • Done a lot of different services, connected to real estate

Together with seven of, at that time, biggest real estate agencies, MAKLER BLED founded a business interest association of real estate agencies, which was established as a result of similar wishes and interests of the co-founders – to settle the situation in the field of real estate agency and marketing. The legislation in this area has to be clear and of high quality so that also in Slovenia a reliable and professional organization can be founded, connecting real estate agencies with similar and long-term objectives of the operation.