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Transaction: Sale
Unique code: PZ02369
Real estate group: Land
Real estate type: For building
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Parcel: 25,545.00 m²


Lipce, Jesenice, Perun campsite on the Sava Dolinka

With its land measurement and the broad spatial conditions for its purpose, which have been established for the implementation of the campsite on the basis of the municipal detailed spatial plan (OPPN Perun), the campsite offers a unique opportunity for a buyer who wishes to establish a larger and more varied holiday campsite in the Gorenjska region.  

The excellent design is complemented by the location of the campsite itself, which is situated next to an accumulation lake on the Sava Dolinka river, which offers many additional possibilities for spending active time, in addition to relaxing at the campsite.

The campsite's main flat platform, where the camping pitches are located, is bordered on its southern side by a wooded hillside, which is also located within the campsite area and provides natural refreshment and cooling in the green wooded areas during the summer heat.

From the campsite there is a very nice and open view of the Karavanke mountains with the Stol, which rise majestically above the valley of the Sava Dolinka.        

The campsite comprises a total of 25 545 m2 (2,5 ha) of land, defined in the spatial plans as an area for leisure, recreation and sport, intended for outdoor recreation, with permissible activities such as sports, recreation and leisure activities.

The permissible facilities in this area are:

a) sports grounds, for outdoor sports; taverns, pubs, small refreshment rooms, changing rooms, toilets and the like - provided that they serve activities in the field of leisure, recreation and sport, subject to a maximum permissible floor area of 80 m2 gross floor area for each activity,  

(b) the licence shall be for other short-stay accommodation buildings (holiday homes and bungalows and other accommodation buildings not elsewhere classified)

c) non-complex and simple buildings are permitted - sheds (up to a gross floor area of 20 m2), summer kitchen, ute.

The existing Perun campsite has only partially fulfilled the broad possibilities offered by the approved Perun RDP.
The central part of the campsite is now home to 50 camping pitches with associated facilities for the camping:

- at the entrance to the campsite there is a reception building,    

- a catering (multi-purpose) leisure facility in the middle of the campsite,  

- at the northern edge of the campsite, there is a sanitary facility (bathrooms and toilets).

On the eastern edge of the campsite there is a wooden log cabin of about 50 m2 which is intended for short-term accommodation of guests.  Several similar wooden chalets for short-term accommodation could be built in this part of the campsite. 

The campsite has two of its own sewage treatment plants and is completely self-contained with regard to the discharge of urban waste water.

The existing campsite is now divided into four linked units - the central part has camping pitches for caravans, the next part has pitches for motorhomes, the lower northern plateau has pitches for tents, and the fourth eastern part is a wooden chalet for short-term accommodation, with enough space for a small village of wooden chalets to be set up.   

On the shore of the Sava Dolinka river, a part of the shoreline is used as a bathing beach for the camp guests during the summer.

The forest part of the campsite, which is still unused, is also very interesting, as the forest land has the same use as the lower part of the campsite, which allows the future owner of the campsite to set up a real forest glamping village, with tree houses, canopied accommodation, modern comfortable tents, a forest village or other various buildings for short-term accommodation.       

The campsite is already doing well in its present capacity, and the owner is selling it purely for personal reasons.

The existing campsite, after possible extensions as described in the above text, represents a special, rare opportunity to create an interesting combination of campsite - glampsite - tourist village along the Sava Dolinka in the Upper Gorenjska region.

The campsite is 10 km from Bled, and the direct exit (Lipce) from the motorway (Karavanke -Jesenice - Ljubljana tunnel) is only 1.5 km away. 

In the surroundings of the campsite, as in the whole area of the Upper Gorenjska region, there are many possibilities for an active holiday, from hiking, mountain climbing, cycling to fishing, boating and many other activities.

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